A leading manufacturer of welding and stitching wire

Grytgöls Bruk has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Our wire is used in a wide range of products and for a multitude of applications.

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Our stitching wire is currently used worldwide in the newspaper printing industry where customer values fast and smooth production, our innovations in the stitching field have helped to improve productivity and increased accessibility.


We embrace a number of values that we think are important – a view shared by our customers.


As our customer you need to rely on quick and reliable deliveries in order to avoid expensive production interruptions.


The staff at Springwire will always try to satisfy your needs and requirements, which requires us to be extremely flexible.

Proximity to market

You will always have a close and personal relationship with us at Springwire, and in return we are committed to you and your business.

Consistent quality

By continuously developing our products and production in terms of technology, the environment and the needs of the customer, we are currently able to offer a highly competitive total product.

Lars Krispinsson


Meeting customer and quality needs since 1652

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