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Customized wire for efficient production

Choosing the right wire has a decisive impact on the finished product. The right wire creates conditions for cost-efficient production and increased profitability. All of our wire qualities are designed to foster efficient and continuous production. They add both technically and economically significant value to the finished product.

Our strength is the wire expertise we've developed over centuries, encompassing everything from the raw materials to the final application. Against this background, we are still constantly developing and refining our competence and organization. Today, we are one of the few suppliers who can offer a totally controlled production process, where all phases are guided and controlled from our plant in Grytgöl.

A vital part of our customer service is being able to help our customers find total solutions in terms of practical production. Using the various features of each wire quality, we can help you to select the right wire for the right application, resulting in optimal production in terms of quality, availability and profitability.