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Iron wire

Grytgöls Bruk has a wide range of iron wire. Our iron wire can be supplied with different processing methods, coatings and delivery forms. GB-IronWire™ is available with copper-, zinc- or none coating, dry- or wet drawn, and annealed or non annealed. Our delivery covers all forms of commercially available standards both in terms of weight as different with different spool types. Our flexible manufacturing process also makes it possible to customize GB-IronWire™ to the specific conditions that each individual customer requires.

GB-IronWire™ zinc coated GB-IronWire™ copper coated; GB-IronWire™ none coated
GB-Annealed IronWire™ zinc coated GB-Annealed IronWire™ copper coated GB-Annealed IronWire™ none coated

You will find more technical information in the following leaflets.

GB-Annealed IronWire™