High quality layer

Narrow gauge tolerances

Exact wire feed

Absolute purity


The right wire - a path to increased production and profitability

Efficient use of wire requires a product of uniform and high quality. The basic conditions for producing this type of wire include skilled staff, high-quality raw materials and an efficient manufacturing process with strict process and production controls.

Our entire production is quality assured in accordance with SS-EN ISO 9001:2008, and our products pass all applicable norms by a wide margin. The basis of the high quality starts with the choice of raw material, where we have significantly more stringent specifications than the applicable EN-norm. We apply a broad inspection system with strict controls for bathing and drawing dies. We also perform a meticulous final inspection which includes personal responsibility for the quality of the wire. We use a documentation system that allows traceability of every drum or spool back to the raw material.

Our reluctance to compromise when it comes to quality gives our products the following characteristics that ensure a continuous production.

Together, this means that our product manufacturing process takes place within an unbroken quality sequence, permitting total control over the entire process - from the initial customer contact, to purchasing and production and finally to the delivered product.